Learn How to Create with the Most Powerful Part of Yourself 

in 21 days

Create the habit of easeful, graceful, & joyful manifestation as a way of life and manifest without "over efforting" or "forcing things to happen" from now on... 

If you’re a Spiritual Entrepreneur, CEO or Conscious Leader looking to manifest your BIG vision while maintaining your inner peace and alignment, then you know that you need to create what is "on the outside" from the source that is "inside".

You have probably already tried the "over-efforting" path to shift the outside world with little fulfillment at the end of that journey (and possibly even momentary or long term burnout) OR maybe you have chosen to follow someone else's path and found it didn't lead where you thought it would. 

Now more than ever, it is time to co-create with the voice of your own soul, in full alignment with what is in your highest good. 


you are in the right place...


  • You've Heard About Manifesting, but You Don’t Really Know What it is or How it is Done

    You know that there is this thing that people talk about called "Manifesting", but you don’t know how people do it or if you are doing it correctly?
  • You’ve tried to implement the Law of Attraction in Your Life, but have had little or no luck with it.

    Maybe years ago you watched the movie, “The Secret” and/or heard about the “Law of Attraction” and you tried to use the principles that were shared, because they resonated with you - but you never could create what you wanted or do it consistently? So you gave up???

  • You Know that Manifesting Works - You’ve seen others manifest and you want to do the same thing

    You have no doubt that Manifestation works - because you have seen it in action and you are ready to live your life in this way from now on and you need the guidance and practices to integrate this new skillset
  • You feel stuck in your manifestations

    You manifest parking spaces like clockwork, but you have a bigger thing that you are wanting to create and you just don’t feel like you can “make it happen”.

  • You Have Manifested Some “COOL” things, but not consistently and you don’t know why

    You have had some really great experiences manifesting things that you think are super cool, but you don’t know how to do that consistently. It feels more like "Luck' than conscious co-creation.

  • You’ve taken courses on Manifesting in the past and/or You do your daily spiritual practices, but nothing is “showing up” yet for you

    You may ask yourself, "Why is this not working?" or "What am I  doing wrong?".  It may be time to ask yourself a different question.
  • You Have a Hard Time “Letting Go and Trusting” and/or you are Constantly “Checking in” on your Manifestations

    There are slight adjustments that you can make to your focus & energy that will shift this and will ultimately allow your manifestation to come to fruition.

  • You Have Subconscious Beliefs that Make a Particular Outcome Challenging to Realize

    Maybe you have been trying to manifest something for a long time and it doesn’t make any “logical” sense to you that it hasn’t happened yet with everything that you have put toward it.
  • You want to allow the Universe to Manifest Through you

    You’d like to have a life experience where you are no longer dictating to the Universe what you want to create, but rather you are allowing the Universe to create through you that which is in highest alignment with your soul and your highest purpose in this lifetime - which ultimately will bring your deepest fulfillment.




When you join the Manifesting Challenge, you'll receive my personal guidance & training for 21 days!

I'll share the practices and techniques that I've used over my lifetime that will get you into alignment and co-creating a life that lights you up from the inside.

I have used these same techniques to co-create some amazing things in my life and  you can too - AND not only during the 21 Days, but for the rest of your life!

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You may think that manifesting only works on parking spaces or small things - but you can create virtually whatever is on your heart to create using these techniques that we will be practicing in the 21 Day Manifestation Challenge.  Size is not a factor in creation.  And you can use these techniques for years to come. 

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