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Podcast on Purpose: Have you ever wondered what it would take to create your own successful Podcast, where you can showcase your unique message and share your mission and purpose on a global level? If so, this course is for you! During the Podcast on Purpose Course, we will take your idea for a podcast and turn it into a published and syndicated platform that will deliver your mission and message to your ideal audience.

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Spiritual Entrepreneur Mastermind

Express and experience the voice of your soul in the work that you do in the world and the life that you lead. We each come into life with our own unique set of gifts and desire for self-expression. There is no greater fulfillment in life than to align with your soul’s personal mission and gifts and to fully live on purpose. This mastermind is where we do just that!!

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Do You Have a Soul-Sensitive Child?

Perfect Bedtime Story!

What Feelings Do You Feel is a book specifically designed for sensitive souls to help us to distinguish between our own feelings and the feelings of others. This rhyming story is about a koala bear, named Kowlie, who takes a journey through his day and discovers that he gets to choose what he wants to feel along the way. This book has helped many empathic and sensitive children to hear the voice of their own heart and to own and enjoy their own life experience through their feelings – not someone else’s.

Recently, I read this book to my friends on Facebook as a bedtime story. This video will give you a full preview of the book and you can see if it is something that would help you and/or a child that is precious to you.

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