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Welcome to this Exclusive Membership program for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, specifically designed to help you to take your life & business to the next level.  It is time to UpLevel!

Do you feel like you are here to do something pretty extraordinary in life? Yet as you move towards that vision, you find yourself almost running in place, unable to get traction or maybe getting some traction, but falling off the path before you reach your destination?  Maybe you can even hear the conversations inside your head saying, "I'll do that when...", "Once I figure this out, then..." or maybe "Who am I to do that?".  OR maybe you have already achieved some amazing results in your life, but you are not enjoying the true fulfillment that you would expect to come with those results.  If so, I have a very special invitation for you today!

I have been through the same type of experience in my own life, where I attained a lot of success early on in my career and reached a place of "Now What?".  Not realizing that true fulfillment comes from how we approach the journey rather than coming to a final destination.  

In coaching people from solopreneurs and artists to C-Level Executives of large organizations, I have seen that the path to the next level is the same for all of us.  We may have some different resources or conversations at different points along the way, but what it takes to Uplevel is common to all of us. 

That is why I have created the UpLevel Club.  To share with you these tools, strategies, habits, and spiritual practices that will help you to move to a whole new level of expression, self-awareness, contribution, service, abundance, health, and fulfillment.

The next level will come from truly integrating these new UpLevel strategies every day of your life. In addition to these strategies and power practices, I will be giving you visualizations to help you to integrate your new reality into your subconscious mind and Upgrade your consciousness, a community of Spiritual Entrepreneurs to UpLevel with you, and most importantly a pathway to that next level for you through monthly "hot seat" live group coaching with me. When you join our UpLevel Club community, you will have instant access to life-changing resources.  It is YOUR time - your next level is waiting for you "on the inside".

It is YOUR time to take your life and your business to the next level. 
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