Septemberfest on the Spiritual Entrepreneur!



September 21st - 30th

Enjoy ten days of great conversations with successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs in the areas of Feng Shui to Attract Abundance & to Grow Your Bottom Line, the Physical Aspect of Spiritual Healing, Sketch Questing, Creating a Soul BIG Life, Coming Out of Your shell so you can Sell, Indicos and Indie Empaths, How to Move Forward When You Don't Know How, and Upgrading Your Consciousness. 

Meet the Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

Day 1 - Kim Julen

"Feng Shui to Attract Abundance” 

Kim Julen founder of Finding Your Fiji, is a Feng Shui expert and psychic. Her Feng Shui expertise, intuitive skills, personal development and business knowledge create a unique approach to resolving your business and life issues. Kim graduated with a business degree from the University of St. Thomas and is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, International Feng Shui Guild Red Ribbon Practitioner and Mentor and Certified Angel Card Reader.

In 2017 Kim moved from Minnesota to Maui, sight unseen, to make her dream life a reality. Through her private coaching, Feng Shui consultations and Angel Readings, Kim brings awareness to those things that are keeping you stuck and helps bring Harmony to your Head, your Heart and your Home. She is passionate about creating a life and business filled with ease, daily magic and joy and guiding you in “Finding Your Fiji”, whatever that may be for you!

Day 2 - Paula Brown

“Sketch Questing” 

Paula Brown is a Heartist, she gets folks UNSTUCK: from invisible into seen. An intuitive quick sketch artist / purpose coach. Leaders hire her to literally and figuratively draw out their authentic story, the true heartbeat of their purpose and vision. Paula’s heart questing was born by her heart stopping. Her unique life stories and after death experience lit her purpose quest skills, and forged her belief that the masterpiece of your story is your heart, your purpose. Emerging from Brand Creative Director for international clients, Paula marries both intuition and strategic process for influencers to discover, and communicate their “what” with her Sketch Questing and purpose coaching. She takes her clients into focused clarity…out of the frustration of knowing their vision and not being able to communicate it.

Day 3 - P.K. Odle

“How to Grow Your Bottom Line with Feng Shui as a Secret to Success” 

P.K. Odle is a Master Feng Shui Consultant and the Executive Director of the renowned American Feng Shui Institute®, where she’s taught since 1998. When P.K. met its founder, Master Larry Sang, she walked away from her corporate career and seized the opportunity to make positive changes in the world by improving clients’ health, relationships and finances.

P.K.’s revolutionary ‘Lifetime Keys Personal Directions Self-Mastery Toolbox’ is the only step-by-step system that teaches how to locate and manage precise 15° Feng Shui Personal Directions according to your date-of-birth and gender, including your Prosperous, Consuming, Creative and Intellectual directions. P.K. creates your one-of-a-kind Toolbox that reveals your supportive vs. sabotaging 15° Magnetic Directions and teaches you how to maximize them anywhere on Earth for your entire lifetime.
Her private consulting firm, The Feng Shui Advantage® offers on-site and remote evaluations of existing structures and project development for residential and commercial clients worldwide.

Day 4 - Sarah Anne Dordel

"Indicos & Indie Empaths: Who We Are & How We Heal"

Sarah Anne Dordel is a talented speaker, promoter, and conscious business consultant who provides huge visibility and rapid transformation for conscious entrepreneurs and businesses. She is the leader of the Conscious Business Network of San Diego, a thriving community of 2000+ professionals, and she recently founded the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce in order to take her leadership global and support good people doing good things across the country and beyond!

In 2014, and at the top of her career game, Sarah Anne’s life started to crumble around her when she experienced a very abrupt and hostile job loss, followed by a spontaneous spiritual awakening. Theses experiences, although traumatic, were gifts, as they ignited her passion to advocate for leaders who are truly ethical and heart-centered in the world of work…

Today, Sarah Anne specializes in helping others like her to "Awaken their Business" and heal themselves in the process. Her clients are emerging leaders, and she teaches them how to launch, lead, and build their own large-scale network in order to position themselves as powerful influencers through trust, visibility, & savvy event-marketing. Sarah Anne prides herself on being a big dreamer, a passionate problem-solver, and an expert in growing businesses organically & cost-effectively through intuitive branding, strategic relationships, top-notch educational events, & exceptional systems. Her big dream is to elevate humanity through conscious collaboration, compassion, and a hearty appreciation for the imperfect moments on the path of life.

Day 5 - Lea Bayles

 "Creating a Soul BIG Life"

Lea Bayles is a holistic wellness expert, leadership mentor, speaker and radio show host. Recovering from an immune system crash woke her up to the extraordinary power of healing within and led her to a 20 year career in holistic wellness.

Entrepreneurs, creatives and change-makers hire Lea when they realize they are playing a too-small game and they want to expand into the creative power, joy and magic of their true potential. Lea blends a master’s in psychology with extensive experience in education, spirituality, theater, energy medicine, mind-body healing and expressive arts. She is the host of the We Are More Radio Show and has created numerous meditations, interview series, articles, spoken word performances and the popular guidebook, Take Back Your Life: Moving from Chronic Pain to Lifelong Healing.

Day 6 - Kim O'Neill

“How to Move Forward When You Don’t Know How”

Kim O’Neill is a former Crime Analyst who now provides personal empowerment and interview confidence coaching for heart-centered professionals and youth (1:1 and groups). She’s also the host of the “Every Day is a New Day” Show - inspired conversations about moving forward and choosing to embrace a positive outlook. In 2017, she co-authored the Amazon bestseller “Positive Minded People: Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Adversity for Living a More Positive Life.” As an inspirational speaker, Kim aims to remind audiences the importance of knowing who they are; about the informational value of their emotions; and how to move forward when they don’t know how. Kim’s philanthropic work includes youth mentoring and interview workshops.

Day 7 - Eva Vennari

“The Physical Aspect of Spiritual Healing”

Eva Vennari is the founder and CEO of The Elevate Institute, a cutting-edge health coaching firm specializing in empowering individuals to take charge of their body and their health. She is the Creator of REVEAL – a hair analysis technique that lets you understand what it is exactly your body needs to heal and rejuvenate, EVOLVE Academy – the school of purposeful living, and ELEVATE – high-end retreat experiences to create lasting shifts.

She is on a mission to dismantle the status quo of the sickness industry. Having spent most of her adult life suffering from all kinds of conditions and fighting for her sanity she decided to take matters into her own hands. That’s when everything shifted and her body went from being the enemy to being her best and most devoted ally and partner. Eva now teaches worldwide how sensitive people can take charge of their wellbeing and thrive in their lives.

Day 8 - Erin Burch

"Enlightenment Begins with the Body"

Erin Burch, also known as 'The Body Whisperer" and Founder of The Burch Method, quite simply, gives you your body back.  If Humpty Dumpty had a dream, it would be her. Her fascination with healing took her from her roots as a Physical Therapist to in-depth yoga to reversing an impossible situation in her own body.  She draws on your Body's Blueprint to create profound, lasting an phenomenal results.

Clients from east and west coast as well as Hollywood A-list Actors, Professional musicians, rock-n-roll icons, professional athletes and network executives and producers have found relief from the rigors of pain and aging from The Burch Method.  Erin is taking her work global and she is committed to breaking through the belief barriers we all have about what’s possible for our middle and later life outcomes!

Day 9 - Emerald Peaceful GreenForest

"Coming Out Of Your Shell So That You Can Sell"

Emerald Peaceful GreenForest is an internationally known Speaker, Transformation Artist and Hostess of the Men On Purpose Podcast, hired by inspired executives and visionary change agents to who want to become crystal clear in their vision, wholeheartedly committed to their mission and massively motivated to advance their biggest ideas and profit from their purpose.

Day 10 - Devi Adea (Your Septemberfest Host)

(Devi Download) "Upgrading Your Consciousness"

Devi Adea is the host of the successful Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast and the creator of the Podcast on PurposeTM Online Academy and the Consciousness UpgradeTM. Devi is a seasoned Speaker, Podcaster, and Spiritual Business Coach & Strategist.

Devi works with Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Innovators, and Creatives to experience “soul full” living and true fulfillment, by aligning their personal mission and message with a successful business and freedom-based lifestyle. She is an intuitive business strategist and helps her clients move to their next level, by working with their consciousness that yields the results and contribution that they desire.

Devi is a unique mix of spiritual entrepreneur, creative, techie nerd, and coaching genius. She brings all of her talents together to inspire, instruct, and guide others to fully express the voice of their soul through their own global podcast platform and/or through a profitable business that lights them up from the inside and gives them a lifestyle that they love. Devi is a no nonsense leader who believes that anything is possible with the right intention, focus, strategy, support, energy, consciousness and inspired actions.


Two weeks of great conversations with successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs in the areas of Feng Shui to Attract Abundance & to Grow Your Bottom Line, the Physical Aspect of Spiritual Healing, Sketch Questing, Creating a Soul BIG Life, Coming Out of Your shell so you can Sell, Indicos and Indie Empaths, How to Move Forward When You Don't Know How, and Upgrading Your Consciousness. 


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