We'll take you from "Idea" to Syndicated Podcast & Beyond:  In Podcast on Purpose, we will take your idea for a podcast and teach you how to turn it into a syndicated media platform that will deliver your mission and message to your ideal audience.  Want to be on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Tune In, Radio.com, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and other platforms?  We'll show you how...

Be the "Go To" Person Around Your Area of Expertise

There is nothing that will help you to master your show topic better and become the "go to" leader in your field, than living in the industry conversation every week, diving into the best aspects of your topic and teaching and interviewing all about it.

Develop a Deep Relationship with Your Ideal Audience

Reach a global audience of your ideal clients every week, develop an intimate and deeply connected relationship and become a top expert in your industry all from the comfort of your own home or studio.

Grow Your Mission & Message and Ultimately Your Business

Leverage new channels for your mission and message through your show and all of the opportunities that arise from having a show and becoming one of the most "connected" people that you know. 

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Private Membership Account

You will receive the training modules, guiding you step by step in the process of creating your podcast in your own private membership area.  Each Module has an action guide that will keep you on track for launching your show.  

LIVE Sessions with Devi

During the Podcast on Purpose course delivery, Devi will be offering LIVE sessions to cover any questions that arise on your podcasting journey. These sessions are designed to ensure that you are crystal clear on every step of the process.  

Podcast Community

You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the online Podcast on Purpose Online Academy, along with three months of free access to the Private High Vibe PodTribe Membership Community and your own EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE Membership Area.


  • Your message
  • Your audience
  • Your brand
  • Your show format
  • the Recording process
  • Platform choices
  • the editing process
  • How to find your ideal guests
  • Outsourcing
  • Scheduling hacks
  • Creating your podcast “bumper”
  • Monetizing your podcast
  • Syndication platforms

and so much more like …

"Devi made a seemingly overwhelming process simple, actionable and doable. Devi helps you: 1. clarify your "why" and vision for your podcast, 2. create a simple, detailed, achievable path to launch and 3. get the peer group support and feedback to make your podcast true to your message AND accessible to your audience. "

Wade Galt
The 4-Day Workweek podcast

"First of all, I love Devi! She is very encouraging and motivating as you go through the process. Her course is so detailed and user-friendly, anyone could launch a podcast if they are so inclined."

Jeri Taylor-Swade
Cuppa with the Queen podcast

"Until I met Devi Adea and started her Podcast on Purpose Program I didn't even know I wanted to do a podcast. I had never even listened to a podcast before. With Devi's enthusiasm, knowledge and experience I soon got excited to create my own podcast. I highly recommend Devi Adea."

Mary Boiselle
Keeper of the Keys podcast

"I cannot recommend Podcast on Purpose highly enough! Receiving weekly lessons with just enough information and steps ensured I didn't get too intimidated or overwhelmed putting my show together, and the development process felt more like a doable "checklist" than a shot in the dark. I appreciate how knowledgeable and technically savvy Devi is; she took the time to thoroughly answering every question I had along the way. Besides that--she's a warm, enthusiastic leader and a true joy to work with! "

Sara McArdle
Women Who Went For It! podcast


  • The Podcast on Purpose Online Course
  • 3 Months FREE access to our private "High Vibe PodTribe" Membership 
  • Weekly LIVE training with Devi during the delivery of the course modules
  • Copy & Paste Sample Emails
  • Video Training on What to do when you are congested
  • Video Training on How to schedule your guests on auto-pilot
  • Video Training on How to be vocally attractive
  • A Video Training on How to repurpose your video audio as an episode of your podcast


We want to make this an easy decision for you and remove any risk, so we also are offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!  Try the course for 30 days and if it is not for you, just let us know and we'll refund 100% of your money.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  You certainly can!  One of Devi's gifts is helping to make technology "warm and fuzzy".  You may want to outsource some of the podcast production process after you launch, but you can for sure use this online course to launch with the office hours, even if you are not technical.  Just follow the steps one by one and you'll get it done. 

Devi also offers a VIP weekend option (the next event is in September), where she walks you through the process of launching your podcast in person with a small group.  If you are interested in that service, please email [email protected] and speak with a member of our team. 

Should you miss any of these sessions, they will be recorded and you can listen when your schedule permits.  You can also email in questions in advance for that weeks session if you can't attend LIVE.

If you have questions other than the ones answered here, please contact us @ [email protected].

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